as mobile ves­sels rep­re­sent jour­ney, migra­tion, dis­lodge­ment, shel­ter. As triv­ial mass prod­ucts for wan­der­lust or high-tech bivouacs for adven­ture, tents serve mod­ern trends from idle lea­sure to extreme activ­ity. As seri­ous houses, tents call to mind the tra­di­tional home of the nomads. As a sportive ref­er­ence, we con­sider the roman­ti­cism of the mod­ern nomad, surf­ing the web on an onmidi­rec­tional vir­tual jour­ney, con­stantly arriv­ing some­where while sit­ting still.

Small tents are feather light homes. Their sown con­struc­tion com­pares to clothes, whereas their spa­tial vol­ume com­pares to build­ings. Tents are more light­weight than build­ings but big­ger than clothes. They have a man­age­able build­ing size, are soft, inof­fen­sive, cheap, trans­portable. Their aggre­gate con­di­tion pro­vides expan­sion and com­pact­ing prop­er­ties. Tents are the raw mate­r­ial for 1:1 works — almost like paint is for a picture.